East Point Academy students win Mock Trial Competition!

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March 18th 2022


On Saturday 5th March 2022, 15 pupils from East Point Academy competed in the Suffolk and Norfolk Magistrates' Mock Trial competition at Great Yarmouth Magistrates Court, and won!

Pupils were given a case that centred around a fictional character called Alex Davies who was charged with harassment after allegedly setting up a fake Instagram account and sending inappropriate text and email messages that the would have to analyse as part of the mock trial. Pupils were tasked to undertake various roles, including the usher, legal advisor, magistrates, lawyers, witnesses and the defendant. There was also a court artist and court reporter present. The students played their roles fantastically, and were extremely enthused by the experience.

The trial took place at Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court and is run by local magistrates as part of the Young Citizens Foundation competition. It is designed to give pupils confidence, develop their debating and reasoning skills and to inspire them into the legal profession. 

Mary-Jane King, Teacher of English said: The team worked really hard in advance of the day and were a pleasure to work with on the day itself. I am incredibly proud of their achievements as well as how they conducted themselves (which was also praised by the magistrates). We also won the competition!