Principal's Welcome

Lucy Austin 2

Welcome to East Point Academy

I am delighted to welcome you to East Point Academy. Here at East Point, we are one big family. Our staff and students are proud members of one of our four houses named after the Lowestoft Scores: Wilde, Mariners, Ravine and Crown. The scores form a link between the town built on the cliff, and the village, which had developed as a result of the fishing industry. In the same way we form the link between our student’s early childhood and their future adulthood, working together with our local community to ensure the very best GCSE results for our young people. 

East Point students and staff embody our core values in all we do. We aspire for our students to have the very best academic start to adulthood, to have dreams and the tools to realise them. We teach them to be independent thinkers, providing them with the knowledge and the skills to be the change they want to see in the world. We ensure all pupils have an understanding of themselves and others through emotional awareness, well developed social skills and a knowledge of culture so they can be truly respectful all while helping them gain resilience to withstand the challenges they will face along the way to realising their full potential. 

We go the extra mile to achieve this. We ensure our curriculum develops students’ moral compass through an intellectual programme of subjects from year 7 to year 11. We recognise that to get the most from this our students need a strong literacy foundation and we ensure they are supported to achieve this. It is important to us that students enjoy their time at school and recognise areas of interest that lie beyond the academic. This is why we have an enrichment programme that aims to broaden the learning experiences of all our students which is just one of the reasons we are passionate about great sports, arts, and of course, great teaching. 

Judged by Ofsted as ‘good with outstanding leadership’, East Point Academy is the school of choice for those living in Lowestoft and its surrounding areas. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence for the young people of Lowestoft and look forward to you joining us on our continuing journey. Please come and visit to see first hand how we are leading the way in education and setting a bright future for our children and our town.