Careers Programme

Our careers education and guidance programme will prepare all students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.  This carefully planned, progressive programme of lessons and activities supports students as they move through their education and on to the next stage of their life. It will equip them to manage their future progression through learning and work.

At East Point Academy, careers education is provided as a comprehensive programme throughout Years 7-11 during timetabled Citizenship & PSHE lessons. In addition to this, further guidance for all year groups is received through assemblies, activities, co-curricular clubs and trips throughout the academic year. You will find an overview of this programme below.

Students will receive tailored guidance at various points along their academic journey. Careers guidance is offered to any student within the Academy by appointment. Students will receive assistance with selecting their creative pathways, and choosing their option subjects, and all Year 11 students are provided with at least one face-to face careers interview in their final year at EPA. This will assist with their post-16 transition, including apprenticeships, employment prospects, higher education courses, completion of college application forms and preparation of a CV. 

The careers curriculum is also supported by our partnership work with the University of East Anglia (UEA), the Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach (NEACO) and Oxford and Cambridge Universities.  This work is delivered at both subject level and by year group and includes trips, guest speakers and specialist workshops.

Our Careers Leader & Adviser, Mrs Karen Dando, is based in a designated Careers Office where she is able to offer specialist advice and a quiet space for interviews. Next door, is the newly refurbished Careers Hub. This is now based in the school’s library, posting up-to-date careers information which is accessible to all students and staff.

The academy’s careers programme and the impact it has on pupils are measured, every term, by using the Compass Careers Benchmark Tool evaluation programme.

We welcome enquiries from parents and carers, representatives of local industry and educational providers.

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