At the top of this score used to be the Swann Inn. This is the famous inn where Oliver Cromwell stayed in 1643, during the English Civil War, when he visited the town to root out the Royalists. Oliver Cromwell eventually led the Parliamentarians to victory in the English Civil War. He was a political and military leader, serving ultimately as ‘Lord Protector’ of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland. 

Whilst people might debate today whether he was a hero or a villain, he fought for the commonwealth to be free from rule by a tyrant, and for the independence of Parliament. Cromwell also encouraged people to worship freely and think according to their conscience, rather than by what was forced upon them. These beliefs demonstrate our key value of independence. At East Point Academy we encourage pupils to think and act for themselves, and to understand what their decisions mean. 

Cromwell was an ordinary person who became the head of state through his own merits – which he believed all people should be rewarded for. We too recognise and praise the merits of all of our students.