This score is best viewed from the impressive Victorian footbridge that connects Bellevue Park with North Parade. The footbridge was presented in commemoration of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887 by William Youngman - the first Mayor of Lowestoft. William Youngman paid for the bridge entirely on his own, rather than using public funds for the project. 

For Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, Youngman decided to gift a Children’s Wing to the Lowestoft Hospital, which opened in May 1898. This had 6 cots, and two additional beds which could be used for isolation. The facility was advanced for the time, and provided necessary local care for the children of Lowestoft.

Not only did Youngman demonstrate deep admiration for Queen Victoria, but he himself was greatly respected for his contributions to Lowestoft. At East Point academy we encourage this key value of respect. Students are given respect and supported within their school community. They are taught to respect themselves, to respect each other, and to respect their environment.