This score is named after the Wilde family who lived in the Flint House from 1588. In the 1740s, John Wilde left money for the building of a school behind the house for the free education of boys from the families of fishermen. He nominated a minister and churchwardens to use the rents from his property to appoint a schoolmaster to teach 40 boys reading, writing, arithmetic and Latin. Any extra money was used to repair the schoolhouse and relieve the poor. A school remained there until WWII when it was bombed. 

Wilde’s commitment to providing free education in Lowestoft links to our key value of aspiration. We want our students to develop their horizons, try new experiences, and set ambitious goals for their futures. Wilde allowed the sons of fishermen to have these opportunities almost 300 years ago, and we endeavour to do the same for students at East Point Academy.