East Point Academy welcomed Dame Rachel de Souza, England Children’s Commissioner, to open their new building

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September 16th 2021

On Friday 10th of September, the Children's commissioner for England, arrived at East Point Academy in Suffolk, to cut the ribbon and officially open East Point Academy’s new fantastic building.

The afternoon began with the various special guests speaking to East Point Academy’s year 11 pupils about the building and how this will enhance their studies and their aspirations. This was followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony, with East Point Academy’s Principal, Richard Dolding thanking the various contractors, councillors and school governors for their hard work and dedication to the project. 

The new building was funded by a £9 million investment from “Priority School Build Programmes” and was designed to deal with serious “building condition issues”. The overall capacity of the school was reduced, in line with local authority expectations of pupil numbers in the area. However, the new capacity is now met by a new building, plus refurbishment (for example the sports hall) and reconfiguration. This created a new science and maths building, refurbished sports facilities, reconfigured library and careers area, plus refurbished classrooms and a landscaped open courtyard that the staff and students of East Point Academy can be truly proud of.

In Dame Rachel de Souza’s speech, she remarked on her journey of bringing East Point Academy into the trust many years ago because of the great potential she saw in all of the pupils, and how this building would provide the facilities these fantastic pupils deserve. 

Children's Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza said:

‘Thank you very much to everyone that made this building happen. It's so important for all the pupils and for the families of Lowestoft as well. It's not only to aid the school on its journey to outstanding but also for the whole community. That’s what good schools should be. I’m so proud of what’s been achieved along the path of getting to today and it's really great to be here to see it finished and ready to offer the best chances towards a better future”


Inspiration Trust CEO, Gareth Stevens also added: 

‘The opportunities the pupils and future generations at EPA are now going to get are incredible. It really does set the standard now that they’ve got a wonderful building and facilities, that East Point Academy will continue to go from a really good school to an outstanding school’  

The students of East Point Academy were also very excited about the new building, Ethan Cook, year 11 said ‘It’s a huge improvement to our school and I’m excited to continue to use it” and MacKenzie Buck, year 11 added “The refurbishment is done really well.”

Another year 11 student, Madelaine Holman said “I'm a big fan of maths, we're using the new building now and it's just lovely.” Holman also noted the positive impact the building would have on younger students, “I'm really happy they have finally done up the new building, especially for all the students that are now coming in as the experience is going to be amazing for them.”