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The curriculum at East Point Academy has been designed around one central, guiding principle: The desire to promote intellectual curiosity and subject knowledge.

This is delivered through a broad and balanced offering. The curriculum contains aspirational academic subjects, subjects that are important to the community, and creative subjects. These are delivered through a mix of traditional GCSEs and some vocational subjects.

Key Stage 3

East Point Academy runs a traditional Key Stage 3 over three years, thus allowing pupils to gain a deeper understanding of subjects before embarking upon their GCSEs in Year 10. The only exception
to this is that all pupils choose a creative option at the end of Year 8 and will be taught this course for three years. This will allow a greater depth of understanding as pupils explore their own creativity. Pupils also take part in enrichment activities, which allow them to develop other aspects of their character’s and become more rounded people.

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 subjects are delivered over two years. All pupils will take mathematics, English, English literature, science, PE, and citizenship. The academy has a six-period day which allows more time for traditional academic subjects in Key Stage 3 and option subjects in Key Stage 4. Even though Key Stage 4 has been reduced to two years, pupils still receive the same teaching time over two years, building on the stronger knowledge base delivered at Key Stage 3.

Curriculum maps show parents, pupils, and teachers the areas that are covered every half term in every academic year. They are a useful tool to allow parents to support their child with their studies. These curriculum maps are reviewed every year to ensure that pupils receive appropriate topics that are relative to the progress that they are making. You can download the curriculum maps for this school year below.

Students are assessed throughout the curriculum in different ways. Key Stage 3 assessments are based on mastering the knowledge taught. Key Stage 4 is based on the GCSE attainment standards. Summative assessments are completed every term, and information on the students’ progress is sent to parents at the end of this process.

The curriculum at East Point Academy is reviewed annually. If you would like to be involved in the review process please contact us using the link below:

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For more information or to discuss any aspects of the curriculum please contact the vice principal (curriculum).